What my 275 ass is up to

I've been spending about 30 bucks a day at Burger King. I eat all of my food. I've actually been eating a lot more than that and have finally reached my goal of about 12,000 calories a day.

I'm not so homeless anymore. A vet offered to pay me to come live with him. I want you to think about that for a moment.



My True Self


Look how pretty I am without even trying


When you hear music banging at night in cars it is a disguise for doors being kicked down



Let me clue you in to just how bad the economy was b4 the bioweapon virus

I got one donation the whole time. It was a seventeen years old girl who one day at work asked me if I needed a ride home because of my bike. Like I met her and told her I am homeless and introduced her to the site She even picked me up and smoked a blunt with me on lunch break. She was eighteen by then. So don't ever start a website up unless you've got nice tits. I will never milk an honest buck out of this website but you get a girl up here engaging and that's it they will give you their whole life savings. So I'ma grab me a girl right off of Stockton Blvd and after I pay her to check my body for ticks I'm going to turn her loose on the audience fuck the US economy the world economy is shyite.