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In smod I don't trust

Speaking of people I see in my nightmares if you've got this much spare time to fuck with me you could have easily contacted me directly with your concerns

I know that and I'm a TBI survivor

Instead you got me death threats I literally as I write this had to say stick it in your mouth cocksucker to someone shooting a pistol about 500 ft behind my back and if you think what you did to me is forgivable I will never forgive you under any circumstances whatsoever my new years resolution about you was to leave you in the past smodcast

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I see your 20,000 views on a article in a month.

If I wasn't so infamous I could get rich off this shit. I could make money off of you all and put ads but (advertisers haunt my nightmares) I'm not an asshole.

Please God make it stop. I don't want to be homeless anymore. I can pay 300 a month rent buy all my food AND shower exclusively at twenty four hour fitness because California charges for water. I can leave California WITHOUT Bill (for some reason that scares them) and no I think I'll do that I saw the ad in Vermont for 285/mo rent.

So pussy you are off the list again for the first time since after the one chick I met before college